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Real Time Monitoring Of Air Quality with Polaris

RS Tour de Branch Charity Cycle Ride - Tracking GPS, Air Quality and Temperature with Polaris

From the 8th until the 19th of June we will be tracking cyclists from RS Components with the Zerynth-powered Fortebit Polaris, on their journey through the UK, as they cover over 1000 miles to raise funds for children with cancer, full details are on the RS Tour De Branch page.

Thanks to the joint effort of DesignSpark, Zerynth and Fortebit teams, two Python programmable Polaris units will track the progress of the riders, whilst also logging temperature, humidity, pressure and air quality data along the 1100 mile route.

Raising funds for Children with Cancer UK

The RS team made up of over 60 cyclists, will be cycling from the RS Local branch in Aberdeen to the London HQ. Over the 12 days they will be visiting 16 RS Local branches. The goal is to raise £250,000 for Children with Cancer UK.

Our VP of DesignSpark, Mike Bray will be taking part in the ride, if you’d like to make a donation, you can do it here on his Just Giving Page.

Thanks to our friends at Fortebit and Zerynth, we have created two Polaris units and a Cloud dashboard to share the live data.

By the end of the race, we will gather air quality data from all corners of the country. We hope this data also helps in the fight against cancer, as air pollution represents one of the causes of lung cancer.

Polaris will be tracking the levels of CO, NO2, and NH3 in the air. Now, NO2 or nitrogen dioxide is mainly the result of road traffic and energy production. Since NO2 is one of the causes of respiratory diseases like bronchitis, we hope that the data we present by the end of the race helps to improve air quality in certain areas of the UK.

What is Polaris?

Polaris is a Python programmable Zerynth powered open IoT platform, designed for remote logging and Cloud applications. It is an excellent GPS/GLONASS vehicle tracker, available with 2G, 3G, LTE, NB-IOT modem. The Polaris application, available in Python Zerynth or Arduino, is open source so that it can be easily changed and customized. The DesignSpark Zerynth Studio can also be used and downloaded from here.

We will also publish an article with the technical details of this project, along with the demo code, so that anyone can create their own Polaris unit using our Zerynth Software.