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Are you ready to change from MICROMASTER to SINAMICS?


In October 2017 Siemens has announced the phase out of their popular MICROMASTER 4 inverter drive family. Within the last 15 years the market requirements have changed, so it has been a logical consequence for Siemens to develop a more up to date family. The new inverter drives are called SINAMICS and have been introduced step by step over the last years. SINAMICS V20, G120 and G120C will take over in the next 12 months - this means from October 2018 the Micromaster family is scheduled to be discontinued.

The image shows the SINAMICS G120C inverter drive family

RS Components has immediately reacted and are working with Siemens to support customers during this period of change. One option to find a suitable alternative for the currently used MICROMASTER is this conversion tool which only needs input from the user to make a proper recommendation. 


Additional helpful tools and selector guides can be found on the following website "From MICROMASTER over to SINAMICS - Simply switch over now!" 

SINAMICS offers significant advantages regarding performance, functionality, and supports trends that were either not able to be realised with MICROMASTER 4, or only with considerable difficulty, including:

  • Safety Integrated
  • Integrated PROFINET, Profinet/Ethernet IP communication
  • Integration into TIA Portal
  • Coated boards for a more robust product
  • Pluggable terminals
  • Positioning functionality
  • Energy recovery
  • Push-through cooling concepts

For those who cannot easily migrate to SINAMICS, rest assured that RS Components will ensure availability of MICROMASTER for as long as possible.   

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