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So much fail!

This is a comment, not a question.

I just bought my first Raspberry Pi. On the box it says:

"For information on how to download the latest Operating System and to view the Getting Started Guide, please visit:"

I have visited that URL, and there is no Getting Started Guide. I have searched, and not found a getting started guide. I have found a couple of questions here from users "how do I use my pi?" and the answer is always "go to the URL", which is useless for beginners, or "watch this youtube video", which is hilarious. The video sounds like an advertisement, and the sum total of the advice about "how to download the latest Operating System" is "you're going to have to download the latest verion of 'noobs'", which I can only assume is a bad joke.

So I tried to register on this site in order to comment on one of the questions. After submitting all my information, my browser said: "Firefox can’t find the server at".

Wow. Just. Wow.

I am not a noob. I am going to google "how do I install Raspbian", and I will avoid all hits that suggest designspark or rs-online.

Who are you guys, anyway? Licensee manufacturers of Raspberry Pi? Should I contact the Raspberry Pi foundation, and congratulate them for having such a sucessful product, despite your apparent attempts to sabotage it?

Would it kill you to have a big friendly button on your Raspberry Pi tech hub section that says "new users start here!"? And how about a "who we are" text box, so that it is apparent straight away that you are not, in fact, a Raspberry Pi site, so searching for Pi-related things in your search box doesn't work? And hire some QA to test your registration system (I shouldn't have to register to obtain the promised getting started guide, however).

Hoping my little rant will inspire you to improve some of these rather shocking deficiencies. You've got free advertising on the back of that little box, and you totally squandered it. I'm left wondering if my Pi is actually going to work...!


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April 23, 2018 10:38

The Raspberry Pi Quick Start Guide is linked from the Raspberry Pi Tech Hub page. This is the direct link:
The guide is in the attachments at the bottom of the article

January 2, 2018 09:33

I haven't got a Pi 3, but my experience with older models is you just connect everything up as per the video, insert the uSD card with NOOBS (which is official Pi speak for New Out Of the Box Software), power up and it will install the OS you select.

For the Pi always go to the official site to get the latest version (including NOOBS if you haven't got it) and avoid any sites that have their own copy as it can quickly become out of date.

The Pi community is huge and if you want to do some real world interfacing the DS site is very useful with some great projects. Hope you have some fun when you get it powered up.

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January 12, 2018 08:50

Look, I found the answer!
Why don't you put THAT url on the box? Total waste of time coming here.

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