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Multiple camera array using Raspberry Pi

I'm currently exploring building a photogrammetry rig and a few people have mentioned using raspberry pi units with cameras attached as an alternative to expensive DSLR options used by industry professionals.  Currently, I only have experience of dabbling with photogrammetry using a single camera and Autodesk ReMake & Agisoft Photoscan . My knowledge of programming and raspberry pi's is minimal so please bear with me. Technically how complicated is the code or software required to fire off a number of cameras at the same time using multiple Pi camera units?

Having read this paper by Richard Garsthagen:

I know that this is a 'Full Body Scanner' and was wondering if it would be possible to simplify and scale down the 100 camera rig to around 20ish cameras for a 'Head Scanner', all capable of being fired simultaneously and housed within a lightbox of some sort. I am a product designer and am currently working on a masters project with a UK charity manufacturing helmets for children with craniofacial anomalies and we need to be able to gather the 3D geometry of each bespoke helmet (Ideally with a bit of kit that can be sent out to participants to operate remotely and send the data back to us.)

We previously used an Artec Eva 3D scanner but haven't got the use of this permanently and requires individuals to travel around the UK in order to complete the scan. There are also issues with this due to the LED strobe light that the scanner uses as some of the participants suffer from autism, epilepsy and other conditions that mean a carefully designed solution is required.

Any suggestions or information on any of the above would be greatly appreciated & sorry for the long-winded explanation.


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