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Raspberry Pi HATs — all good things come in threes!

As many of you know, I am not talking about the headwear…

We’ve been working hard at RS Components to expand our Raspberry Pi offer. This means sourcing the best accessories for you to get the most from your Pi board.

May we present our current range of Raspberry Pi HATs. An acronym of Hardware Attached on Top, the HAT sits right on top of your Pi board to add some extra functionality. Very much like Charlie Chaplin’s bowler hat — sits comfortably on top and adds a bit of jazz.


Current HATs

Sense HAT


Direct from Pi Towers, the Sense HAT contains lots of great sensory features for experimentation with environmental conditions. Such features include an 8 x 8 LED display, Inertial Measurement Unit, barometric air pressure sensor, temperature sensor, humidity sensor and a joystick for HAT navigation.


PaPiRus ePaper HAT


Three different sized HATs in one pack. Good things do come in threes! Each HAT is an ePaper display that allows you to create screen text that looks exactly like ink on a piece of paper.

PoE Switch HAT


This bright orange HAT supports your Pi with power management — specifically using Power over Ethernet.




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3 Dec 2015, 10:18