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Raspberry Pi gets a new home from Phoenix Contact



The Raspberry Pi single board computer has reinvigorated the world of computing and, more specifically, computer programming for a new generation of school children, hobbyist and application engineers. For around £30 you have a tried and tested core ingredient for an industrial IO system with a world of possibilities, without the need for expensive industrial controllers.

Phoenix Contact is a world leader in Device Connectors and Electronics Enclosures for industrial applications and has launched this year also an extension to its well established BC enclosure portfolio with the new RPI-BC which has been specifically designed for Raspberry Pi.

Unlike most enclosures for Raspberry Pi, the RPI-BC is a DIN rail or wall mountable enclosure that provides access to all the ports including the USB ports, GPIO pins and SD card without removing the lid. The enclosure can also be mounted adjacent to other modules on the DIN rail and still provide access to all ports.

In this video, you get to know what you have to do when you have your PI project ready to go, but need a way to protect it and mount it onto a DIN rail or other enclosures:


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January 8, 2018 11:14

Very useful could be used for testing
Well done

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[Comment was deleted]

[Comment was deleted]

January 8, 2018 11:21

No provision for cooling fan? Some of the things I do run at 80-90% cpu and a cooling fan is a good idea for long-term reliability.

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