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PCB Service provider PW Circuits Ltd is located in South Wigston, Leicestershire, England

PW Circuits Ltd is capable of manufacturing Rigid, Flexible, Flexi-rigid, Multilayer, Hybrid, foam, Ali-backed, Conventional, PTH with a maximum size of Thickest board we've made was 19mm thick! Flexi's can be long; 2 meters+. Multilayer: 530mm x 450mm. PTH: 680mm x 500mm. inches and up to 32 layers layers

FR4, FR3, Kapton, Polyflon, Polyimide, Alumina, foam, ceramic, PTFE, Pyralux, Omegaply, Teflon, ceramic/PTFE blend, etc… can be utilised as the base materials for PCB manufacturing by PW Circuits Ltd

The key PCB base brands used by PW Circuits Ltd include: Dupont, Isola, Kingboard, Laird, Nelco, Neltec, Polyflon, Omegaply, Taconic, Rogers, Kyocera, Ceramtec, CoorTek, Curamik, Macor, Evonik, Airex Baltek, etc…

The service provider also offers a range of services including Design, bare board manufacture, assembly, prototype to monthly drop quanties. Finishes: ENIG, Silver, Lead free HASL, Leaded HASL, ENEPIG, ISIG. Approvals: BS EN ISO 9001:2015, M1035 IECQ, IECQ-CECC IPC 6011, 6012, 6013, IECQ-CECC BS 123 100/200/300/600, UL 796 Underwriters Laboratories. and valued added services Very high copper weights upto 32oz offered. Experimental builds and materials always considered.

PW Circuits is a privately owned company established in 1968, between our staff we have 100's of years worth of PCB manufacture knowledge and skill. Our facility offers full in house capability for low, medium and high volume manufacturing. We also design and assemble PCB's making us a true turn key manufacturer, if required.

PW Circuits manufactures a diverse product range from flex-rigid, flex, high layer count multilayer, micro via technology to a simple PTH offering a delivery service to meet your needs from a fast turnaround prototype service to holding batch quantities on site.

PW Circuits are a forward thinking company who will work with you to meet or exceed in all you needs whether in delivery, cost or technology.

Languages spoken include: English, filipino, Hindi, Gujarati and geographies covered include We deliver anywhere in the world and have customers in europe, the Americas and Australia.

The link below will take you to PW Circuits Ltd, where PW Circuits Ltd’s terms and policies will apply

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Contact Details

PW Circuits Ltd
Telephone: 00 44 116 2785241

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