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Put control in the palm of your hand with Bluetooth Smart Padlocks


 Staying Secure with Bluetooth Padlocks

Have you ever left your keys at home or in the office, but I bet you don’t forget your smartphone?

Then a Bluetooth padlocks could be the ideal solution, no longer having to walk back to the workshop of drive back to base to pick-up the forgoten keys, simply having an app on the spartphone unlocks the padlock.



Simply use the easy-to-use app on your smartphone and you can then unlock, share access with colleagues, but also monitor the lock activity.

Often it is needed to give additional staff access, which with a standard padlock would mean either lending your own keys or having additional ones cut, however with a Bluetooth padlock giving additional staff access couldn't be simpler, just using the app you can give permanent or time limited access and you don't need to be around to grant access, you could be at another factory or even out of the country.

In the event of the padlock being tampered with, a warning message will be transmitted to your Smartphone.


But what happens if you do forget your smartphone or the battery goes flat, no worry a directional code sequence can be inputted on the keypad.




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September 18, 2016 14:40

The 'Crazy Russian Hacker' demonstrates, in his "Bluetooth Smart Lock Fire Test" video that these locks are very easy to get into and the app is flaky.

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September 12, 2016 11:45

A copy-paste of a PR release as news, or sponsored content not attributed? Unsubscribed. I used/use the Nokë multiple times everyday starting when it was in my hands 9 months ago, it was news then, this is catch up job by a major player.