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Purchasing Manager for Engineers

This great tool from RS Components, allows your Engineers to carry on designing and not be bogged down with compiling tedious time consuming, error creating paperwork.

Whether you work in a large or small environment, it can be difficult to keep track of all the individual orders and the costs they incur, especially if they are placed by multiple engineers, using multiple methods.

This free procurement tool from RS Components, called Purchasing Manager, gives you visibility of all of the ordering processing taking place in your workplace, giving you better control over direct spend and inventory.

This great tool empowers your engineers to manage their own spending while you stay in control, offering bespoke reporting of all your online orders. The tool is customisable, allowing you to set workflows and individual spending limits and automating approval, saving your money by removing the hidden costs of such processes.

Engineers can purchase products without having to raise any paperwork and if they go over budget you will get an approval email. All of these great features can save your company time and money, and you can regain control of the purchasing process.

Speak to your account manager to learn more or see the RS Components website for details.

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