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Pumping and ventilating with one Siemens selector switch

Speed control with Siemens SINAMICS

Correct ventilation is an important tasks from greenhouses all the way to hyperbaric chambers. Automation makes for easy, efficient and space-saving aeration and ventilation – speed control is already sufficient. For many applications, all you need is one switch, one SINAMICS G frequency converter and one motor. This practical example shows how easy it is to implement this solution that can be expanded to other similar application areas, such as pumps.

Efficient, simple and time-saving

Your benefits when you use this application example. 

Save space and costs

The particularly compact design of the SINAMICS G frequency converters helps you save space and costs during setup.

Reduced line harmonic distortion

The SINAMICS frequency converters can be operated on standard home power circuits by using an optional line filter.

Easy operation and high flexibility

Up to four fixed setpoints can be assigned and enabled with a switch.

Possible uses

You can use this application example for speed control in various areas. 

Some examples for the possible uses:

  • Barn and greenhouse ventilation
  • Exhaust air of workshops, machine rooms
  • Industrial kitchens, welding and soldering plants
  • Intermittent ventilation of large rooms
  • Blower
  • Vacuum and hyperbaric chambers

How does it work?

You specify the motor speed with a selector switch or similar switch types. Depending on the set value, the converter specifies the matching frequency for the motor.

Required components

You need the following components to implement the application example. 

 Article  Number  Article number  Note
 SINAMICS G120C  1 6SL3210-1KE11-8UB2 (136-8016)  Choose an electrical power   depending on your application
 SINAMICS G120 Basic   Operator Panel (BOP-2)  1 6SL3255-0AA00-4CA1 (744-9626)  
 Asynchronous motor  1 1LA7060-4AB10-Z  Alternative: Or any other   asyncronous motor
 Selector switches  1 3SU1000-2AS60-0AA0 (183-7267)  Necessary equipment:Holder and contact modules see application example
 Fan according to   requirements  1    

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