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11 May 2016, 13:42

Protective Gloves For The Food Industry


The food and beverage industry is made up of 30 different industries. These industries range from Abattoir’s to Whiskey producers and therefore present a wide range of risks which need to be considered when ensuring the wellbeing of staff.
When specifically looking at hand protection, the risks remain very wide ranging, from high temperatures in industries such as bakeries but with low temperatures in chilled and frozen products. There is then cut risk in meat, poultry and fish industries along with chemical risks from detergents and cleaning products used across many industries.

A solution for every hand that works

Whether it is production, processing, distribution or catering, Mapa Professionnel has developed the Mapa Food Expert range of gloves to guarantee maximum hygiene and in strict compliance with European regulations regarding food contact.In addition to this specific range, Mapa Professionnel has a wide range of safety gloves for other tasks in this sector, as some tasks do not require a specific glove suitable for food contact.

The range includes gloves that cover the aforementioned need for protection against hot and cold temperatures, cut risks and chemicals found in many cleaning products.
Mapa and RS Components have worked together to offer some specific high performance products from this range.

Hygienic, 100% liquid proof thermal protection - Temp Cook 476

Mapa TTemp Cook 476emp Cook 476 offers thermal protection up to 150ºC and is used across the world in bakeries as well as Catering and Food industries. In white to meet the required colour coding for the catering industry, Temp Cook 476 is washable for improved hygiene. The glove has a long cuff to protect forearms when handling hot dishes and resists oils, greases and principle detergents. Temp Cook 476 can be used in wet and dry environments for removing trays from ovens, in pre-cooking applications in the food industry and in general catering environments. Temp Cook is also used for removing dishes from warming ovens and objects from autoclaves and steam ovens.

Precision and dexterity when using household detergents - Vital 117

titleVital 117 is used across the world in the food and beverage industry with household detergents and cleaning products.This glove is specifically for jobs where food contact is not required. Vital 117 has excellent dexterity from the suppleness of natural latex and provides good resistance to household detergents. Thetitle gloves have a cotton flock-lining which means the glove can be worn comfortably for longer periods than other un-lined gloves.

Temp IceReinforced Durability to push the limits of cold – Temp Ice 700

Temp Ice 700 is the best glove in class for work in cold environments down to -10°C. The gloves maintain comfort, dexterity and flexibility and are suitable for frozen, dry and some fatty foods (in accordance with French regulations). Temp Ice 700 is ideally suited for use in the food and beverage as it is 5 times more durable than standard gloves on the market and gives excellent grip when handling wet objects. It is water proof on the critical areas and keeps the wearer dry when working in wet conditions. It is also washable until 5 cleaning cycles. Temp Ice 700 is used extensively for order preparation and packaging in cold environments.

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11 May 2016, 13:42