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29 Sep 2016, 13:17

Protective coatings for electronics prototyping and production

RS has expanded its range of protective chemical products for electronics design and production to include some of the industry’s best known conformal coatings, conductive epoxy resins and greases from MG Chemicals.

MG Chemicals Silver Epoxy

Electronics design and production engineers can now access a wide range of new products with special features for electronics applications, including MG’s 847 carbon conductive assembly paste, a non-bleeding paste that improves the electrical connections between parts and fixed surfaces, and 846 carbon conductive grease which repels humidity and moisture to prevent corrosion – ideal for protecting switches or bridging gaps.

A range of conformal coatings for protecting PCBs is available to protect from moisture, chemicals or other pollutants, such as salt spray or dust. In addition, potting and encapsulating compounds are available to protect from shock, vibration, impacts and static discharges, or insulate against heat or conductivity.

For reliable and consistent connectivity in electrical assemblies, electrically-conductive adhesives are available to increase physical strength against thermal or mechanical shocks.

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29 Sep 2016, 13:17


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