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Programming Creator Ci40 NOR Flash with a Dediprog

The Creator Ci40 platform, is designed to allow developers to easily create connected IoT projects. For more projects, documentation and open-source code for the Creator Ci40 check out
This project looks at how to connect a SPI flash programmer to the Creator Ci40 in order to directly program the boot loader image.
Though this operation is typically done via the cXT200 SoC on the board, this is a handy alternate that can prove useful during development. It is also very useful to know that the Creator Ci40 board supports a dual partitioned Flash for over-the-air updates and roll-back capability.

Dediprog SF100 

Specifically in this project we’re going to show how to connect the Dediprog SF100 serial programmer to the Creator Ci40, which will then allow direct programming of the flash on the Creator Ci40 development board.
If you'd like to know more about the Dediprog SF100, check out the link below.
Other programmers which support the NOR Flash IC type on the Creator Ci40 could also be used. The interconnection lead to the Creator Ci40 may need adjusting as appropriate for any specific programmer.

Creator Ci40 NOR Flash details

Part Numbers..................................W25Q16DVSNIG or W25Q16JVSNIQ

Creator Ci40 NOR Flash Images

The NOR flash u-boot images are available for download from:
On the Creator Ci40 the cXT200 processor boots from NOR flash connected to the cXT200 SPI Master1 port. Access to this port is provided via CN21 for the purpose of programming the NOR flash.
The Creator Ci40 must be powered when programming the NOR flash. To prevent the cXT200 processor booting and simultaneously accessing the NOR flash whilst programming via the serial programmer, the Creator Ci40 should be held in reset.

Holding Reset low

The Creator Ci40 can be held in reset by connecting the SYS_RESET# pin on CN21 to GND in the programming lead.
It is recommended that a low value resistor is used to prevent damage to the Ci40 board. We used a 100 ohms resistor in this example.
CN21 is a 6 pin (2 row x 3 pin), 0.1” (2.54mm) pitch header, part Harwin M20-9760346, and a variety of connectors will mate with it. Individual jumper cables can also be used

Building the SF100 to Ci40 programming lead

(Note the resistor in the cable)
The circuit of the SF100 to Creator Ci40 programming lead is shown below:


Cable Bill of Material (B.o.M)

Programming Lead - Bill of Materials



RS part number

SF100 mating connector

Harwin M20-1070700    


Ci40 mating connector

Harwin M20-1070300    


Crimp terminal

Harwin M20-1180046   





Resistor R1

100R 1/4W axial



Locating CN21

Access to the Flash is via CN21
Happy flashing
With your connector lead and CN21 location in hand you are now ready to directly flash the Creator Ci40 flash.
SF100 programmer connected to the Creator Ci40 board:
Paul Evans joined Imagination Technologies in January 2012 and is now a Director of Business Development. Prior to joining Imagination, Paul worked for Altera Corporation for 11 years in marketing. He holds a BEng in digital electronic engineering from the University of Kent at Canterbury in England.

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