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Product Design Centre Discovery

I'm a Mechanical Engineer by qualification though I worked for a long time specialising in Motion Control systems and integration with various PLC systems. I've wide experience of many types of applications from packaging machines to military and some applications that I can't mention. At home, I like to tinker and make things with wood, metal, plastics, electronics and mechanical system. I'm never happier than with a hammer and a screwdriver in my hands....

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March 9, 2021 08:12

I think the Design Centre is a great idea and I look forward to using it. Perhaps the search page is preliminary, but at the page now where you enter an 'RS number' and do a search could be a problem. What if I don't know the RS number for a part that is carried by more than one vendor but doesn't use "RS" numbers? Why limit the input part number search to an 'RS part number'? Giving the option to enter a standard or commonly used part number (i.e. 74LS02, etc.) would be an added benefit. That should be simple enough to implement by putting another field on the form to accept an industry typical part number and do a search based on a logical OR. In any case, I look forward to the Design Centre!

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March 9, 2021 09:12

@PCBPete Hi, we have lots of plans for expanding and improving the search for products and on the site overall. However we thought it would be best to get an initial release of the page out to our users to get some feedback. We are working on some really exciting improvements to DesignSpark that will be coming over the next fe months

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