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What Capacitor

I have a Sony TC377 Tapedeck (1973 Apx) and i want to replace the motor run capacitor, the one that is on there is an aluminium can type about 30cm x 60cm. The rating says 1.5uF and 0.5uF it has three terminals one is bridged, it is a 250v A/C. Does it matter if the repacment is higher than 250v and is this a permanant split capacitor or can i just replace it with a 2uF?       I have looked on your wedsite and have pick out 3 possibles. R.S.Pro 196-4646.  Kemet 377-8740.  Epcos 200-9283. Can you recomend one. Thanks Mike

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October 13, 2020 08:14

I think any of those will be suitable as they exceed the current 250V AC spec of the current capacitor. The first two specifically state motor start capacitors so that is a good indication they are suitable.
I found a poor quality schematic image for the TC377 and a note stating 1.5uF for 60Hz use and 2uF for 50Hz so a single 2uF for any 50Hz mains supply would be perfect.

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