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How to connect a EBM REE 30 speed controller to a EBM W4E315 -DS20-38 fan.

I am building a test rig. Once it is completed, we will need to produce another 10.

The fan controller REE 30 has to be connected to the fan W4E315 – DS20 – 38. (Actually, later, two of them in parallel.)

At the moment, I think the connection is as per the 3 wire setup in the data sheet. (If U1 is L and if UZ is N.)

The photo shows the connection to the fan.  (Piece of paper behind connection block for clarity.)

From left to right.

Brown (L)  from UZ on controller

Black (Z) from Z on controller

Blue (N) from U on controller.

Yellow/green from earth on controller.

Turning the dial knob makes no difference to the speed.

HOWEVER, now the resistor at the bottom left of the photo of the controller gets hot and was smoking.  The fuse has not blown.  Maybe the controller is faulty.


What I DESPERATELY need is some advice.  I am not an electrician but it should be a relatively simple matter to do the connection.

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