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Bluetooth amp transformer

I have 2 ceiling speakers for my bathroom along with a bluetooth adapter. The adapter comes with a plug in power supply. 

I dont want wiring outside the bathroom. Im looking for a suitable transformer that would connect to my lighting curcuit an then to the amp (Power Dynamics B10 bluetooth amp).

The transformer would be above the ceiling (theres about a foot hight above the ceiling as the ceiling is lowered).

The bluetooth amp spec is: Input 15VDC/2A . Many transformers seem to be 12V and Im told having a lower voltage would run the unit but may cause distortion in the sound?

Can anyone advise me on a suitable inline transformer i could use.

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April 30, 2020 07:31

I'm not clear exactly wit what you want, from what you say why not wire in the supplied adaptors? Is it that you do not want a socket wired into the lighting circuit incase it is misused in the future?
If you want to hard wire an adator you could look at something like if it has the correct plug and polarity, then remove the plug in the power lead and wire this into the lighting circuit as a switched spur with its own protective fuse.

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