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Power Distribution


Hello, Total amatuer here :D

As a hobby, I have recently been getting into LED projects and I am using block PSU's like the Meanwell.
The LEDs require power injection at multiple points in a single project.
The PSUs can supply from 30 - 60amps but I need a way to be able to connect that supply to the multiple points around the project - I need some kind of power distribution block.

I have searched and searched and have had a lot of trouble finding something. Lots of terminal blocks seem to be just a way of linking wires together on a 1-1 basis :(

Can anyone tell me if something like this -   would do what I need? Its called a distribution block but looking at it I'm not sure if will actually do that (take the power and common line from a single source and connect it to multiple outputs).

If this won't do that - what do I need to look for because I have run out of ideas for search terms :P


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