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Power Control problem?.... the answer is CoolMos!

As one advertiser recently put it – “power is nothing without control”. This is true not only for the mechanical world they had in mind but is equally true for the world of power electronics.

Any Product that uses electronic power is a potential application for Infineon’s Super-junction MOSFETS. From simple consumer power adapters, through appliances using motor control like power drills and white goods, to induction cookers. High and low power SMPS and industrial power applications are also catered for in the CoolMos range with the latest generations of P6/P7 and CE families which offer a cost down roadmap even for existing Infineon customers.

The latest Selection Guide provides engineers with a comprehensive overview of available MOSFET and DRIVER devices showing a range of voltages, applications, and topologies. In addition, the Guide provides information regarding product preference and activity status which provides engineers with the information needed to design with confidence.


Whether developing the next generation of greener and cost sensitive traditional SMPS, or newer soft start resonant converters, motor drives, or renewable energy converters and power factor correction systems, engineers will find this a useful time and budget saver, helping them to acquire leading technology at pace. RS Components has significantly increased its range of stocked products from Infineon over the past 2 years, to enable customers’ fast access to the latest products and data with which to develop their next generation products.

To acquire your copy of the CoolMos Selection Guide, click the attached.

Product Group Manager - Semiconductors

13 Sep 2017, 13:42