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Pouring copper on bottom of 2 layer board.

I was able to pour copper to the top side of my 2 layer pcb without problems. When I tried to do the same for the bottom of the pcb, I got an error that said that "you can't do that here, do you want to enable the correct layer". I don't remember the exact words. If I choose to enable the correct layer, it takes me back to the top layer showing the pour that was done before.

have spent quite a while looking at the help files with no results. Your pcb software is running on a Windows 10 latop. If you could provide me with step by step instructions or point me to a place in the help files that describes what I am trying to do. 



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October 15, 2019 07:35

I assume you defined the board as having two or more layers when you created it.
(If you defined it as a single layer board, you'd have problems pouring on the second layer. ;-) )
Make sure the bottom layer is visible when you go to do the pour. The easiest way to do that is using the Interaction Bar (shortcut F9). Click on the Layers tab of the interaction bar, and click the box next to Bottom Copper if it isn't already checked.
Now click on the pour area outline you drew for the bottom side pour. Then open its properties (Alt-Enter). On the Shape tab of the properties dialog, it should show the Layer as being Bottom Copper. Then click on the Area tab of the properties dialog, and make sure that Pour Keepout is not checked. (If pour keepout is checked, it defines this pour area as an area to make sure copper pours stay away from, so you wouldn't see anything if you tried pouring the keepout!)
If both of those settings looked okay, click on the pour tool (paint can), and your pour should work.

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October 18, 2019 09:02

@BradLevy Thanks for the feedback. I finally got if working. Actually, it was working fine all along, I just needed to get my head wrapped around it. Thanis

October 11, 2019 07:33

This is discussed in our tutorials and videos, use Help ->Tutorials which takes you to this URL.

Examine the first video at this URL how to select the pour layer is mentioned at 3:00

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