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Potters Wheel, conversion from DC to AC and upgrade


I am a potter and have a 40 yr. old potters wheel driven by a DC motor which has reached the end of its life. I have a replacement AC motor which I wish to fit. The wiring is both ancient, Black & Red plus earth, and is set up for DC. The power is fed in via a domestic three pin plug.

The on/off switch is old and temperamental as well as the on and off function it also has a circuit breaker – which further complicates the wiring. The on/off switch is connected to a speed controller which is also original and the wires to the motor attach by a multi pin plug – which is perished. The company who manufactured it is no longer trading.

The long and short of it, is that I think a root and branch transplant is needed!

My thoughts are to replace the on/off switch with an RS Pro non fused panel mounted unit and to replace the controller with a modern electronic fan speed controller. The existing unit has a small gear cog which connects with a quadrant cog connected by a rod to a foot peddle. The housing,  cog and connecting system are all in good order and can be reused. Wiring wise I hope to use water proof 3 core cable I have in stock.

All the electrics are housed within the wooden cabinet of the wheel, and although the water side of operations is separate ingress cannot be completely ruled out.

Any comments and advice is very welcome.

I plan to do the set-up myself and then have it checked by an electrician.

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