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23 Jan 2014, 5:41

Polymer capacitors - most suitable for high current load I/O power circuit

Hello everyone.

What is Polymer capacitor? 

When people think of capacitors, they usually talk about “Aluminum lytic”, “Ceramics” or “Film” capacitors, but have you heard about the “Polymer” capacitors?

Polymer capacitors were developed by Panasonic in the late 1980s. They feature very low ESR and high reliability by making use of the material (conductive polymer) whose characteristics are remarkable.

As a pioneer and the reliable global supplier, Panasonic offers wide variety of products (size and characteristics) to support for your need on circuit design.

Panasonic Polymer capacitors Design examples

Since the 1990's, Panasonic polymer capacitors has been used mainly in PC industry, especially for those power supply smoothing circuits that required high clock frequency and load current. In additional, it helps to reduce the parts count (total cost reduction), minimize the space (including low height profile) and ensure the higher reliability. 

 At present, Polymer capacitors are used extensively in power supplies that required high current (servers, base stations, routers/ switches), industry applications (embedded boards and automotive applications), game machines, communications infrastructure equipments.

Panasonic's product range of high voltage Polymer capacitors

Recently, in addition to the continued efforts to keep reducing the ESR, Panasonic enlarges higher voltage products also which started to be used in input power lines (e.g. 12, 24, 48V power lines) to reduce ripple noise dramatically.

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23 Jan 2014, 5:41