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PLC - The Intelligent Industrial Computer

By Amphenol ICC

PLC_Resized_21_ae45b5ecb499798a3bc7db63fedc5229e228e387.jpgProgrammable Logic Controllers (PLC) are digital computers used for industrial and commercial purposes. These machines are often connected to several input devices and perform based on pre-defined programs. It is considered to be the advanced form of conventional hard-wired relay logic, as these can be “programmed” or changed according to the application’s requirements and surpasses the hazards of changing wires. While PCs and smartphones can process multiple programs, PLC is designed to perform a single set of pre-defined task.

Like normal computers, PLCs, also have a processor, buses, I/O modules, a programming unit, and a memory. The processor is the center of the device that regulates the programs after processing the inputs and then sends commands to the output device. They perform functions including logic operations, arithmetic operations, computer interface and many more. Buses are paths of communication to the PLC. It transmits data in binary form to the controller as mentioned the PLCs work upon a logic, which is already programmed. This along with the data which is to be processed is stored in the memory. The I/O modules include all interfaces that connect the PLC to other application. It includes input units like sensors to output units like solenoids and motors.

From modular to integrated there are several types of PLCs available today. Generally, these are designed to perform in extreme conditions. They are capable of withstanding external elements such as high temperatures, vibration and humidity. These programmable devices have input and output interfaces within the controller and offer a cost-effective solution that can control a complex system.

Amphenol ICC offers many solutions to support Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs). We have connectors such as USB’s, Modular Jacks and D-Subs that support the data transferring units and communication with the other systems in the network. Solutions like Amphenol’s BergStak® 0.8mm and Millipacs® mezzanine connectors interface with the motherboard inside of the PCL through add-in-cards. Amphenol ICC offers wire and board-to-board solutions such as the Minitek® 2.0mm and the Minitek® Pwr 3.0 and 4.2. These solutions are designed to be highly customizable in terms of stack heights and number of positions; allowing for flexibility that can be reused to support several applications within the PLC.

Jennifer Corba is Amphenol ICC’s global channel marketing manager responsible for the direction and execution of the company’s distribution marketing efforts. With more than a decade of experience in the electronic components industry, she develops and oversees integrated marketing strategies that support and accelerate product positioning while increasing sales and mindshare throughout the channel.