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5 Feb 2019, 16:39

Piezo Audio Speakers (SPS) & Piezo Audio Amplifiers (PAA)

The perfect solution for audio sound, voice messages, and complex audio information into portable devices. Speakers and amplifiers with a range of different sizes, frequencies and flat design that gives you an excellent audio experience!

Click the image below to experience our interactive application note, including information on:

  • The basics of piezoelectric audio speakers
  • Capacitive load
  • Amplifier configurations
  • Fundamental acoustic mountings
  • Power consumption
  • Piezo audio amplifier ICs
  • And much more!

Sonitron has become the leading European manufacturer of piezo ceramic audible components. Further research, intensive development, and specialist know-how ended in a wide range of high quality and reliable products from the smallest and most cost-effective buzzers to the most highly sophisticated alarms. This allows us to meet the needs of many different applications, such as industrial, consumer and military applications.

5 Feb 2019, 16:39