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Phoenix Contact Push Pull fast connection M12 connectors

An M12 connector is an M12 connector, right?

Well yes, it is. But Phoenix Contact have used our connection technology expertise and experience to develop the ‘Push Pull’ M12 connector.

The M12 circular connector is a familiar sight in a wide array of Industrial sectors. Phoenix Contact has moved the M12 onwards. Where once, the ability of the M12 to carry signals was about all that was expected of this connector, the market now looks for higher data transfer rates, the ability to carry power, 360 degree shielding, increased mechanical stability and speed of termination. We have encapsulated all of these features in the M12 ‘Push Pull’ connector.

The integrity of the seal when the two mating halves are put together is paramount. With standard M12’s, the knurl must be tightened to the correct torque to ensure the integrity of the connection. A torque driver of some description is therefore required. The way in which the push pull mechanism latches itself negates the need for any tightening with additional tooling. The integrity is therefore assured every time. If the connector is not correctly latched, it immediately springs back, giving the operative the visual indication that the mating halves need to be connected again.

The M12 push pull is suitable for a wide range of applications, and really comes into its own in environments where vibration and shocks are commonplace (if not the norm). The push pull M12 is highly resistant to shocks ( Shock, vibration EN 50155:2001).

With an ever increasing range termination methods and number of positions/ways,  we invite you to look to the M12 push pull connectors to ensure that you enjoy all of the benefits (and more) stated above.

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Phoenix Contact is a world leader for electronic components, systems and solutions in the field of electrical engineering, electronics and automation. The family-owned company currently employs 17400 people worldwide and achieved a total revenue of 2.38 billion euro in 2018. The headquarters are in Blomberg, Germany. The Phoenix Contact Group consists of nine companies and 55 sales companies. The worldwide presence is also supported by 30 agencies in Europe and overseas.

6 Mar 2020, 11:10