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PCB symbols

Helleo ,

To use a PCB connecor with 3 plate pins, I have to describe a component with 3.5 mm long pads. Do you know how to proceed.

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October 11, 2018 08:36

You can easily create pads of almost any reasonable size in DS PCB. 3.5mm long is no problem. You can also choose between a number of different shapes - round, square, oval, rectangle, bullet, target, etc.
Some of the shapes require the length to be greater than the width, but in the library symbol editor you can rotate the pads individually to get around that limitation.

Many parts that RS and Allied carry are already available for download using the Library Loader. If they aren't, you can request them and they will be created in usually just a day or two.
You can also create parts using the built-in schematic, pcb symbol, and component wizards in DS PCB. These are quite quick for items like connectors or ICs which have long rows of pins. You can also tailor the symbols to your own preferences and standards. (I sometimes prefer a different schematic representation than offered by the Library Loader.)
You can also take a footprint for a similar component from the built-in library or Library Loader, and modify it for special components. For example, you could copy the existing footprint in the library to a new symbol, edit the pad properties to accommodate the longer pins, and save it under a new pcb symbol name.
You can also override pad styles on parts you have already placed on the board. Just click on the pad, open the properties (Alt-Enter), check the Pad Style Exception box (to tell DS PCB you want to override the usual style for this pad of this instance of this component), and change the properties of the pad. (see the attachment)

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October 10, 2018 15:05

Have you had a look for a similar product in PCB Part Library?

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