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Where are my files

My disk does not work, which is why I am replacing it with a another one

I have several works done with "Designspark Electrical "which I need to replace or save on my new installation of" Designspak Electrical "

The information still exists because I can still use it but I don't know where it is stored and therefore I cannot transfer it to my new disk

I have re-configured all my work and files as visible but I can't find them

I would also like an opinion about how to configure a specific file where to save my work from now on

Thank you in advance

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August 31, 2019 19:28

Have a look at this support item:

Your project data is stored by default in the ProgramData path of the drive/partition where DSE is installed.
Open one of the EWG files in the sub-folder of the numbered project and it will retrieve the rest of the schematics along with project settings.
Then archive the project into a TEWZIP so you have a compact & portable record.

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