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Radio Frequency circuit design

I have been tinkering around with RF circuits lately.
Q1) Is it possible to design RF circuits like filters and power dividers in DesignSpark PCB?

Q2) If I'm designing a wideband RF power amplifier, as we know the RF feed lines could be a microstrip line or a CPWG, but the width of the line is fixed for a certain frequency. How can I make this transmission line wideband? 
For example, My PA chip has a bandwidth of 1GHz around the center freq of 2.4GHz, but the feed line(transmission line) can be designed for a particular frequency only with a narrow band.

How are wideband PAs or other wideband devices fed using transmission lines?


August 19, 2020 10:29

Regarding Q1, DSPCB can be used to design the PCB but there are no RF design aids. So if you know what you want for the copper track widths and spacing 'yes', but if you need design aids or wizards 'no'.

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