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Problems with Design Spark


I am getting the following errors on my pcb and not sure why??


Component to Board error (Cm-B) at (407.67 525.78) on layer "[Top]".
Component to Board error (Cm-B) at (407.67 541.02) on layer "[Top]".
Component to Board error (Cm-B) at (448.31 533.40) on layer "[Top]".
Component to Board error (Cm-B) at (373.38 508.00) on layer "[Top]".

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August 23, 2019 08:45

Each of these relates to the component being too close to the board edge. The rules are set in the Design Technology, however these are 'warnings' not 'errors' for you to investigate and correct or ignore as required. A connector may have to be placed to the boad edge or beyond so if placed correctly ignore the warning.
If you wish to discuss further post on the DSPCB forum where you will get more advice.

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