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How to create new Footprint in DS (Presently SSOP not in footprint list)

Dear, I need to use SSOP package for an IC. But there is no such [ackage in DS Libreary. When try to create new componet using wizard, no SSOP package. SO, pls guide hoe to add new footprint ?

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March 20, 2020 15:04

There are multiple solutions.

The most-recommended one is to find the part using the Library Loader to search the online library. Chances are good that the complete component will be available. If it isn't, you can request that it be created for you, in which case it will be available within a few hours to a couple of days. See the tutorials at

Other options:
The legacy libraries (installed but not enabled by default) contain quite a few different SSOP footprints. (For example, in the prolib pcb symbol library.)

You can also use the PCB Symbol Wizard to create a custom SSOP layout, by answering a few questions, checking a few options, and entering a few values from the data sheet for the part you are using.

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