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Free Simulation software


Im already kind of guessing the answers I'm likely to receive, but just wondered if anyine knew of a decent simulation software along the lines of Electronics Workbench (EWB) I used back in college, but at a reasonable price to start again with (i.e, sub £50 or so). I know there is circuit wizard for example, and also other SPICE based packages, but I use Designspark PCB and would ideally like to be able to export schematics to it, and it be a bit more professional (more models and not just standard models). Circuit Wizard looks quite basic. I wouldn't mind it being a Linux based package, it doesnt have to be Windows based, but Im guessing Im hoping for too much.

Thanks in advance for any replies.


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August 17, 2020 07:07

For Spice-type simulation, I use LTSpice. It is free, and has a good user base with an active user group on the internet.

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