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Consistency Error 1472 2 00008000 00000000

I am suddenly getting this message in all DRC reports: 

This design appears to have internal consistency errors.

The design Signature is 1472 2 00008000 00000000 

What is this error and how do I correct it?  Unlike others who have posted about similiar errors mysteriously appearing disappearing, mine is consistednt and survives shutdowns and reboots.  

Please advise.

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June 10, 2021 10:56

Hi William, for specific errors in your design like this you need to contact support.
I have never managed to create a duplicate component so can't help, but just wondering if you are changing components on the PCB and not doing the changes by the schematic and forwarding the changes to the PCB?
If you discuss with Support and send your complete project files they may be able to find what the issue is.
Use to open a ticket.

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June 10, 2021 08:12

Don't know what happened to the rest of my last post, but running an auto rename on the pcb eliminated the consistency errors. A back annotation then ran without error, but then left duplicate names in the schematic file. Note that the duplicated names do not appear in BOM listings or in the component list in the GoTo window.

The fact that the editors will not allow duplicate names when adding components, but tolerate them if they exist and then offer no way to discover them after their presence causes the consistency error is a huge design flaw in the product.

When might we expect this deficiency to be addressed?

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June 8, 2021 07:03

Thanks for the info, however something has changed and the error now reads:

The design Signature is 1659 2 00008000 00000000

June 7, 2021 09:10

Hello William, our developers have stated your error code is related to the following:
"The indicated fault is “DupCompName” which means that there is at least one instance of a duplicate component name in the design.
This does mean returning the design file to us here to produce the validation report. Or they could inspect the design themselves to try and find the duplicate (e.g. produce a CSV report of component names to list them in alphanumeric order)."
If you wish to send your complete design, .prj .sch and .pcb to support
they will arrange this.
You are correct that almost all signature faults are auto-repaired on re-opening the design, but some are not because it requires user input.

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June 6, 2021 10:58

Thank you for the response. Previous posters on this topic indicated the errors just disappeared after a reboot or restart. That is not the case with my instance. I'll dig deeper into the technology file and see what appears (or not!).

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June 5, 2021 15:12

Hello William, the two other internal inconsistency errors when investigated by support were:
design Signature is 168 1 10000000 00000000 This user had a net without a style so the DRC could not check this net.
design Signature is 3049 2 00040000 00000000 This user had used "text" but not assigned a layer.
I have requested our developer to decode your error code and will post when I have an answer.
You may be able to locate this error by exploring your Design Technology.
Look under each tab for something that is blank i.e. undefined.
The previous issues were resolved by the users contacting our support team so did not just disappear! They will be permanent until resolved.
These error codes are all part of an improvement process to detect the more unusual issues to make the software more robust and will be replaced by a user-friendly message in a future release.

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