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Can I create a Schematic from an existing PCB Layout I did with DesignSpark PCB or can I do that with the PRO version.

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February 14, 2020 09:00

I don't think it easy in DSPCB or many other programs, but it's not something I have really needed. DSPCB does not have a back annotation that will support nets, so that is going to be difficult, also no program will know where you want the schematic symbols so I would expect a lot of manual work even if you can do it.
I did a quick test, just two library components on the PCB and three tracks.
There was no way of getting the schematic populated.
I manually added the two components to the schematic, but how to get the nets?
The best I found is you can generate a netlist in from the PCB or if you run a sch to pcb check you get a report of all the pads not connected so that may help to manually produce the schematic.
I only had two components and can see it could be a big job... Also when adding the components used on the PCB to the schematic, I guess you also need to be sure you add to match the part reference on the PCB such a TR1, TR2, R1,2,3 etc., or you will end up in a mess. Sorry not to have a solution. Possibly the best way is to carefully draw on paper the schematic, nets and components as required and recreate in DSPCB?
Post again here and you may engage with more users

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