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Top FAQ's

1. You can buy the software directly from our page. You just need to follow simple and straightforward process and pay by credit or debit card.
2. Once you paid we will send you order confirmation email with link where you will be able to download DesignSpark PCB Pro.
3. Run downloaded executable and you will be guided by on-screen prompts to finish.
4. Connect to the internet & Run the desktop shortcut for DSPCB Pro. You will first be asked to login to your account. Or, click Register if this is your first product from us.
5. With a successful login you will be prompted for the licence key- this was emailed with your order confirmation.
6. Once the licence key is verified by the DesignSpark activation server, you will be able to start using your DSPCB Pro!

Yes, you can open projects created in the free DSPCB version with the DSPCB Pro. However, you cannot open projects created in DSPCB Pro in DSPCB.

DSPCB Pro is not a really a new software, but rather modification of our existing free DSPCB which is already under constant improvement and development for many years.

The free/standard version of DSPCB will continue to be available, supported and maintained by DesignSpark team.

DesignSpark PCB Pro is a variant of free DSPCB software created for professional engineers who require more configurability and special features, helping them to prepare advanced PCB designs for production and for automatic tests.

DSPCB Pro is a separate installation from standard DSPCB. You will need to place an order first to receive the DSPCB Pro installer and your unique licence key. Note that both standard DSPCB and the Pro version can co-exist on the same computer.
Make sure you check the minimum system requirements are met for your Windows PC before ordering.

The Free Trial is the same as full/paid Pro version in terms of functionality. The only difference is that you cannot save projects or create output (Gerber) files while evaluating.

Currently, DSPCB Pro is only available with the English User Interface (UI)

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