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Top FAQ's

How do I buy and activate DesignSpark PCB Pro?

Purchases of DesignSpark PCB Pro V10 are now handled through the RS website, you will be taken to the page for your local RS website.

After completing the purchase is complete you will be sent an installation Key, via email and a download URL for the purchased version.

Please note: Installation Keys are linked to your user account can only be used for one installation at a time but can be switched between computers

Can I open DSPCB files in DSPCB Pro?

Yes, you can open projects created in the free DSPCB version with the DSPCB Pro. However, you cannot open projects created in DSPCB Pro in DSPCB.

What are the new features added to DesignSpark PCB Pro v10?

DesignSpark PCB Pro Version 10.0 adds several customer requested features and enhancements including:

  • New Nets Bar
  • Intelligent Design Backups
  • New DRC checks
  • Paste Shapes in Footprint Editor
  • Disconnect From Signal Nets option
  • Manufacturability Enhancements
  • New Open dialog & Browser
  • Intelligent Values columns
  • Option for Drawing PCB Connections by Side
  • Values sorting in Component Values dialog
  • Colour Components
  • Plotting Enhancements

and even more can be found in the update notes.

The primary goal of v10 is to make DesignSpark PCB Pro work smarter for you, the customer.

Why DSPCB Pro has release number V9?

At the time of its launch, DSPCB Pro built on the advancements of our free DSPCB software which was already at v8. As we continue to improve both software packages in parallel, their version numbers will remain synchronised.

Will the free version still be available?

The free/standard version of DSPCB will continue to be available, supported and maintained by DesignSpark team.

What is the difference between DSPCB and DSPCB Pro?

DesignSpark PCB Pro is a variant of free DSPCB software created for professional engineers who require more configurability and special features, helping them to prepare advanced PCB designs for production and for automatic tests.

How do I upgrade DSPCB to DSPCB Pro?

DSPCB Pro is a separate installation from standard DSPCB. You will need to place an order first to receive the DSPCB Pro installer and your unique licence key. Note that both standard DSPCB and the Pro version can co-exist on the same computer.
Make sure you check the minimum system requirements are met for your Windows PC before ordering.

Will I get free software updates after buying a DSPCB Pro licence?

Yes, software service updates are included for 12 months with every purchase of a perpetual licence. These service updates are software corrections and patches aimed at eliminating faults and optimising performance within the current major version.

Purchase of an upgrade to the latest DSPCB Pro major version also includes 12 months of software service updates.

What language(s) is DSPCB Pro available in?

Currently, DSPCB Pro is only available with the English User Interface (UI)