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Eagle ULP/Curvature interpretation

I used design spark ULP to convert my Eagle board design and import into the design spark software My board design in Eagle had length matched traces so all the traces has curvature to it.
So When I imported into the design spark software I found that those curves are not intepretted properly and it has v shaped sharp edges or a square shape where the curve was present.

Do you guys have any solution for this problem?


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May 25, 2020 15:19

Hello, from our support log it is not something previously reported.
I presume it is from an old Eagle version as you used the ULP and may be a limitation in the interpretation.
Send your files; full Eagle design, Pro design files and an image(s) of what you see in Eagle to our support team and they will examine.

It may be worth sending this in two posts to the ticket keeping the Eagle and Pro file separate to avoid confusion.

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