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Schematic symbols and PCB footprints

Schematic symbols, PCB footprints and 3D models

When using DSPCB PRO there’s a few methods you can use to find the component part models and footprints you need for your latest PCB design

PCB Part Library Symbols and Footprints – via RS Components product pages

You can find ready to use "Schematic Symbol & PCB Footprint" in a few clicks directly from product pages.

PCB Part Library – via Component Search

Search for the part models you need by using the Electronic Component Search Engine. You can search using RS Components or manufacturer’s part numbers.

ECAD Part Wizard

If you want to realign the pins on symbols to fit your schematic diagram, or break one big symbol down into managable blocks (fractionate), you can use the ECAD Part Wizard

DSPCB PRO Library Manager

Need to create schematic symbols and PCB footprints? Then use DesignSpark PCB PRO’s Library Manager.

3D View

Use the ‘3D View’ tab in Library Manager to prepare 3D part models so you can get the most from the 3D model view of your PCB design.