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PCB Parts Library - more than components!


Are you getting the most from our online library PCB Part Library?

We have modules and dedicated connectors to speed up your design experience.

Search with 'free text' as well as manufacturers part numbers.

Our online library resource PCB Part Library contains more than the standard components.

The number of 'special' components is growing daily and include:

1. Modules

Search a generic term such as "Arduino" and you will receive two screens of parts to download.


Downloading these modules will allow the footprint to be applied to your design to allow your peripheral circuits to be added.

2. Connectors

In your previous search you will also find some related connectors to speed up the selection for the Arduino.

A search for Raspberry Pi will show another useful connector, the Rasberry Pi header connector is available with the designated pin names.


If you don't find a popular part, submit a request!

3. Specials

There are also IC adapters such as this through hole QFN test socket RS stock no  (665-9923) manufacturers part QFN11T040-006


These all help to get your design done faster and if a part that can be mounted on a PCB is not available, why not request it is built?

This will build up the available components for everyone and save you the time and effort creating your own.

Components from PCB Part Library are compatible with DesignSpark PCB and Pro.

RS Components / Allied Electronics Support for DesignSpark PCB
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