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Steps to using the Libraries

  • Download and Install the Library Loader
  • Run Library Loader from the desktop shortcut
  • Find the component in the Component Search Engine
  • Drag the component icon and drop in to your design software

Subsequent library downloads go straight into your ECAD Tool.

Top FAQs

How much will using PCB Part Library cost me?

Using PCB Part Library is completely FREE!!

There is no cost and no catch, we just simply want to help you increase your productivity, because we know how challenging and time-consuming creating your own models can often be.

Can I only use it with DesignSpark PCB?

No, the Schematic Symbols and PCB Footprints can be used with the leading PCB design tools and our list is continuously expanding.

Will PCB Part Library work on a MAC?

No, unfortunately the Library Loader is Windows only

Which PCB design packages can I use the Schematic Symbols & PCB Footprints with?

PCB Part Libraries are currently available for Altium, Mentor Graphics, Cadence, Zuken, Pulsonix, Target 3001, Eagle and of course our very own DesignSpark PCB. We are continuously expanding this though, so if your preferred EDA tool isn’t highlighted here yet, it may be added in the future.

How do I search for parts?

You can find Schematic Symbols and PCB footprints in a number of different ways;

1 - Search via the Component Search Engine

2 - Directly via the RS Online websites

3 - Within our new Obsolescence Manager tool

4 - Or via other websites such as Traceparts, OEMsecrets or on the component manufacturers own websites.

What if the part I need doesn’t exist?

There are 2 options available to you if the part you need doesn’t exist;

1 – Create the model yourself using the FREE online PCB Library Wizard

2 – Let our experienced team create it for you, by submitting a request, we’ll then deliver the model within 48 hours

Can I easily create my own models?

With the FREE online PCB Library Wizard you can create your very own IPC compliant parts quickly and easily.

Can I fracture the symbols I want to use?

In order to fracture symbols you first must download the ECAD Part Wizard Excel plug-in. This will give you full control over symbol fracturing, pin orientation and pin location.

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