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PCB Display, Selecting Foreground Layer?


Dear DS PCB Community,

Very familiar with Mentor/PADS (by day), I sometimes get spoiled by basic features which I cannot seem to 'uncover' in DS PCB (by night).

Has anyone encountered an issue with layers' order of display; e.g., bringing layer Bottom Copper to foreground, vs. always having layer Top Copper in foreground?

I'm regularly having to deselect layers -- read ... turn them off -- to view what's behind a particular layer.  I should qualify that I have observed that selecting a Bottom Copper trace -- at a particular zoom level -- will bring Bottom Copper (e.g., blue) to the foreground; however, any subsequent pan or zoom action will immediately throw Top Copper (e.g., red) back to the foreground.

Any experiences or assistance with this PCB layer display-ordering quandary would be appreciated.  Perhaps this post belongs in Feature Request area?


-s, ny