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PCB Design: How Oxford Brookes Racing Finds Solutions


PCB’s (printed circuit boards) are a small yet mighty part of any racing car, and are essential to our first all-electric formula student challenger. Whilst they are intricate structures, and often comprise several different circuit components, their compact nature allows OBR to reduce weight, and the size of the core circuit configuration that contributes to the independent control of four separate in-hub motors.

Watch Hassan Javed on PCB Build:

As a result of the sheer technicality of OBR’s PCB needs, for 2021 we elected to manufacture them in-house, a radical shift in direction from previous years. This would not have been possible without the support of RS Components, who, in the face of adversity brought on by the Covid-19 Pandemic, were able to maintain streamlined and on-time delivery of key car components, such as those used in crafting our Printed Circuit Boards.

OBR in-house produced PCB

For OBR21, a range of resistors was required to ensure the successful production of our Printed Circuit Boards. These were provided by RS Components.

Antione Richards on PCB Design:

Thomas Godfrey is a member of Oxford Brookes Racing, the UK’s premier student racing team.

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