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PCB Component only


I am not creating a schematic and just want to design a pcb. I modified a pcb component 9SIL to 10SIL and saved it but I cannot find it when trying to put it on the pcb.

I created a folder \library\Solar and saved a pcb symbol library called solar.psl. It shows up under the Library manager and is enabled. The pcb symbol 10SIL exists in that library. I used the Wizard to create a pcb footprint and saved it. I then selected it and copied it then placed it on my pcb.

However when I try to add it using Add Component, the folder Solar does not even show up. I also copied it to the library /library/discrete and of course it shows up when I look at that library using library manager but not Add Component.

I understand that a Component requires a Schematic symbol and a PCB symbol but I cannot find an easy way to do that. I can do it though but why do I have to bother?

Why can I not just create PCB symbols and then add as required?


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