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Change Log


DesignSpark PCB V8.1.2

New Features
  • New fast “Patch update” option for existing users to only add or replace the latest files to the current installed software. No requirement to uninstall an older version if you were using the most recent version, hence a positive user experience.
  • Plotting PCB’s using power planes, now correctly functions for both positive and negative plots. Earlier versions did not render the correct board edge clearance.
  • Excellon drill files now correctly implement Leading and Trailing Zeros and incorporate the LZ and TZ commands. This ensures the drill files have improved compatibility with Gerber viewers and online manufacturers.
  • Improved registration process for new users.
  • For full list of new features please visit DSPCB Full Changelog

DesignSpark PCB V8.1

New Features


  • New way of logging into software and registering new users
  • Zoom Level Increase increased by factor of 8
  • Tooltips include net class name
  • Display of Net Names in schematic - new visibility switch, next to the colour
  • Add Component - Values Preview - new box
  • Copper Pour Keepout Areas on Power Planes - create a ‘hole’ or void in the plane
  • Improved control of thermal connections on Rules page of Technology dialogue
  • Eagle ‘native’ import (simple File Open of BRD and SCH files from Eagle 6.0 onwards)
  • Additional characters allowed in component names: -_$£&+=!@#~\/
  • Report from 3D page of library dialogue now has dialogue for choices and an additional section in report
  • PDF output now has the option to suppress embedding of fonts in output file, making files much smaller
  • New revamped Start Page provides users with inspiration for new projects
  • New revamped Start Page provides users with inspiration for new projects
  • For full list of new features please visit DSPCB Support Centre
  • 3DView Fixes - Axial components (such as the generic resistor component) have an extra disk floating off the end bug fixed.
  • Design Fixes – bug preventing from using characters that the message says you can, fixed.
  • Gerber Format Fixes – mistake causing a pad style set to shape 'Annulus' and rotated 90 degrees cause this entry in the Gerber output repaired.
  • Library Tools Fixes– bug causing crash the program if adding a Net (Class) Name to a Component Edit if using illegal characters fixed.
  • New PCB Wizard Fixes – bug in 'Default Technology', no net classes are created so a user cannot add tracks/nets fixed.

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