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DesignSpark PCB V9.0.2


  • Windows OLE registration issue fixed to allow DSPCB to correctly interface with Library Loader.
  • Technology path not set to correct path on installation or retaining path when corrected.

DesignSpark PCB V9.0

New Features

  • Refresh Symbol in Component Editor. Now the application is aware if a symbol has been changed and saved and updates the symbol that is currently displayed in the previews windows.
  • Resizable dialogs (Library Manager & Add Component) allow the left and right margins to be dragged to allow the full length of component names to be visible.
  • Add Text – Now allows you to choose text style.
  • Add Text – The text alignment allows the selection of Left, centred or right alignment
  • Cross Probe single shot mode. Now you can escape from Cross Probe mode as soon as you select something, rather than staying in the mode where subsequent clicks would attempt to probe again.
  • Dangling Connections Report in the Schematic design. Now you can easier discover in report places where you start a net from component pin and forget to finish or to assign to a net.
  • Plotting dialog - buttons for Select/Deselect all layers. Additional buttons for easier and faster PCB layers display control.
  • Library Wizards - Option for creating a “New Library” when saving a new library item hence a more convenient process.
  • Goto bar – New box where you can type item name for faster navigating. Component list scrolls to the entered text and highlights the component once identified.
  • Add to Net on Pour Area. Now have the choice to select nets that exist within the selected pour area, previously could only select from all nets in the design.
  • For full list of new features please visit DSPCB Full Changelog

DesignSpark PCB V8.1.2

New Features & Fixes

  • New fast “Patch update” option for existing users to only add or replace the latest files to the current installed software. No requirement to uninstall an older version if you were using the most recent version, hence a positive user experience.
  • Plotting PCB’s using power planes, now correctly functions for both positive and negative plots. Earlier versions did not render the correct board edge clearance.
  • Excellon drill files now correctly implement Leading and Trailing Zeros and incorporate the LZ and TZ commands. This ensures the drill files have improved compatibility with Gerber viewers and online manufacturers.
  • Improved registration process for new users.
  • For full list of new features please visit DSPCB Full Changelog

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