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Change Log


Change Log

DesignSpark PCB 8.1.1 contains fixes for the base software:



  • Copper pour – Pour order not being followed resulting in wrong values used
  • Copper pour – Isolation values not being implemented when “override defaults” used
  • Copper pour – for some square pads, angled (45 degree) spokes were being generated pointing in the wrong direction.
  • Copper pour - when nesting Pour Areas of same net and layer inside each other, the outer area could pour across the inner one and thus ignore any over-ride of thermal rules on that inner area. The outer area pour will now stop at the edge of the inner area, allowing each one to apply its own rules.
  • Values Selection – Selected values under “Ordering” category not being retained
  • Excellon Drill File – Leading zeros now restored
  • Library folders – bug causing selected libraries not to be enabled now fixed
  • PDF keepout – the PDF output has now been fixed to recognise a keepout area
  • PDF output of a power plane - did not recognise the presence of a copper pour area marked as a pour keepout, now fixed
  • 3D View - single-sided boards were being displayed in 3D view without a substrate.
  • Integrity check - problems with duplicate components in a Schematic sheet were not being reported by Integrity Check if no other differences between Schematic and PCB were found.
  • Open – opening some Schematic designs belonging to Projects was causing the application to quit if the option to open all Schematic sheets at once was not set.
  • Properties – Attempting to change the name of a Bus by selecting its existing name and accessing Properties would cause the application to quit.

Follow these instructions to upgrade from version 8.1 to 8.1.1 


DesignSpark PCB 8.1 contains new features and many fixes for the base software:

New Features
  • New way of logging into software and registering new users
  • Zoom Level Increase increased by factor of 8
  • Tooltips include net class name
  • Display of Net Names in schematic - new visibility switch, next to the colour
  • Add Component - Values Preview - new box
  • Copper Pour Keepout Areas on Power Planes - create a ‘hole’ or void in the plane
  • Improved control of thermal connections on Rules page of Technology dialogue
  • Eagle ‘native’ import (simple File Open of BRD and SCH files from Eagle 6.0 onwards)
  • Additional characters allowed in component names: -_$£&+=!@#~\/
  • Report from 3D page of library dialogue now has dialogue for choices and an additional section in report
  • PDF output now has the option to suppress embedding of fonts in output file, making files much smaller
  • New revamped Start Page provides users with inspiration for new projects
  • For full list of new features please visit DSPCB Support Centre
  • 3DView - Axial components (such as the generic resistor component) have an extra disk floating off the end bug fixed.
  • Design – bug preventing from using characters that the message says you can, fixed.
  • Gerber format – mistake causing a pad style set to shape 'Annulus' and rotated 90 degrees cause this entry in the Gerber output repaired.
  • Library Tools – bug causing crash the program if adding a Net (Class) Name to a Component Edit if using illegal characters fixed.
  • New PCB Wizard – bug in 'Default Technology', no net classes are created so a user cannot add tracks/nets fixed.
  • And many others

DesignSpark PCB 8.0 contains new features and many fixes for the base software:

New Features
  • Fully featured Measure Tool.
  • A ‘spreadsheet’ style Component Values dialogue.
  • New Unroute Preference - “Delete Track Does Unroute”.
  • Improved resolution Gerber output files for arcs in pads rounded corners using shapes such as Rounded Rectangle.
  • Improved “File New” dialogue window.
  • New BOM Quote functionality realisation.
  • For full list of new features please visit DSPCB Support Centre
  • The ‘Top Coloured’ setting for ‘Can’ packages causing the top of the can to always be drawn in the same colour as the body repaired.
  • The bug causing preference setting ‘Add Component Keeps Library Style Sizes’ not having any effect on how styles of newly-added components were matched to styles already in the design, is repaired now.
  • Holding the Ctrl key when adding squares or triangle now alter the shape to be centred around the cursor position.
  • Auto Rename of components across a multi-sheet Schematic or multi-board design which caused failures in renaming some components.
  • Design Rule Check for Component-to-Component checking caused, in some circumstances, the generating of a spurious error indicating that two components were overlapping when in fact they were not.
  • Eagle Import improved for duplicate named line, track and text styles could be created when importing Eagle files. Component and symbol names longer than 30 characters are now allowed.
  • Gerber output problems when creating a solder paste plot for pads using the Annulus pad shape or when precision for the corners of Rounded Rectangle pads was too low – are now working correctly.
  • IDF output for coordinates and insufficient angular resolution problems are patched.
  • Libraries are improved for various problems including copying an item, some AMP footprints and the report button of the Library Manager dialogue to search for components.
  • PDF output improvements when generating a set of plots to separate PDF files as well as previous problems with TrueType fonts.
  • For full list of fixes please visit DSPCB Support Centre

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