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Change Log



Change Log

DesignSpark PCB 8.0 contains new features and many fixes for the base software:

New Features
  • Fully featured Measure Tool.
  • A ‘spreadsheet’ style Component Values dialog.
  • New Unroute Preference - “Delete Track Does Unroute”.
  • Improved resolution Gerber output files for arcs in pads rounded corners using shapes such as Rounded Rectangle.
  • Improved “File New” dialog window.
  • New BOM Quote functionality realisation.
  • For full list of new features please visit DSPCB Support Centre
  • The ‘Top Coloured’ setting for ‘Can’ packages causing the top of the can to always be drawn in the same colour as the body repaired.
  • The bug causing preference setting ‘Add Component Keeps Library Style Sizes’ not having any effect on how styles of newly-added components were matched to styles already in the design, is repaired now.
  • Holding the Ctrl key when adding squares or triangle now alter the shape to be centred around the cursor position.
  • Auto Rename of components across a multi-sheet Schematic or multi-board design which caused failures in renaming some components.
  • Design Rule Check for Component-to-Component checking caused, in some circumstances, the generating of a spurious error indicating that two components were overlapping when in fact they were not.
  • Eagle Import improved for duplicate named line, track and text styles could be created when importing Eagle files. Component and symbol names longer than 30 characters are now allowed.
  • Gerber output problems when creating a solder paste plot for pads using the Annulus pad shape or when precision for the corners of Rounded Rectangle pads was too low – are now working correctly.
  • IDF output for coordinates and insufficient angular resolution problems are patched.
  • Libraries are improved for various problems including copying an item, some AMP footprints and the report button of the Library Manager dialog to search for components.
  • PDF output improvements when generating a set of plots to separate PDF files as well as previous problems with TrueType fonts.
  • For full list of fixes please visit DSPCB Support Centre

DesignSpark PCB 7.2 contains general fixes for the base software:

  • ODB++ output improvement to properly handle powerplanes with nested board outlines.
  • Users now can continue offline their work if Authorization Server is not working properly or down.
  • 3D view improved pad shape display.
  • Improved resolution Gerber output files for arcs in pads rounded corners using shapes such as Rounded Rectangle.
  • Auto-generated set of manufacturing output plots now always contain Bottom Copper layer.
  • It was corrected that In the Pour Copper dialog, the minimum pour area setting was sometimes reverting to zero or a very small value.
  • It was also corrected that Using Pour Copper with Thermal Pads unchecked, unnecessary thermal spokes were being added on top of the copper.
  • In the past Pour Copper failed to add some spokes for some pads that did not lie on the same grid as the others which was corrected on current revision.
  • The rules for Pour Copper were more restrictive than in Version 6, causing some previously connected pads to be left without thermal spokes.
  • For some cases, users reported PDF Output of manufacturing layers causing incorrect file names. This issue was corrected on current revision.

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