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Pattern a circular trajectory?


In the following image, I'm trying to distribute 20 small cylinders (2mmΦ 3mm high centreed on and aligned with the Z axis) equally around the periphery of a 100mmΦ elliptical path (tilted at 45 degrees, though the tilt probably doesn't affect this here).

You'd think that tabbing to the percentage and typing 100 would work, but it is just ignored. Or, using the measure tool to get the length of the circle (314.15926...) and typing that into the field currently showing 200 and be done; but no. 

290 gets changed to 211.460184
300 gets changed to 221.460184
310 gets changed to 231.460184
314 gets changed to 235.460184
320 gets changed to 72.600082

If anyone can discern the logic that would allow me to do what I want...

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