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Using DesignSpark PCB with the RS Components search engine provides a complete solution for designers, hobbyists and makers, like you, to select, review and use components within your design.

RS Online provides a powerful component search tool to filter and order the results to allow you to make an informed selection.



Click the selected component to access the full online data with links to the manufacturer's datasheet.


Using the "Schematic Symbol & PCB Footprint" the component will be automatically downloaded and inserted into your library and attached to the mouse pointer for placement in your schematic design.



Providing you, the designer, with the tools to search and filter components by parameter, list to sort by your priorities, review the part specification with access to the manufacturers' datasheets, and then select for instant access to DesignSpark’s PCB Part Library and placement within your design.

NOTE. The RS Components website is in the process of being updated to include all library components. If your required part does not have the direct link please copy the manufacturer part number to the RS Components Search Engine.

If you haven’t tried DesignSpark PCB yet, you really have nothing to lose, it’s free to download and use, forever, no strings attached!

Learn more about and download DesignSpark PCB here

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