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Outdoor Power

Having a new shed at the top of my garden I wanted to get cracking and add some power to it.  The sun has finally made an appearance and I think it's a great time to start digging up my garden and laying power cable!

I want to have a long length of  3 core 1.5mm2 SWA cable to reach the shed at the top of my garden that is 30m's way from my house.  I've gone for RS Pro from RS Components part number (777-0497) that is 50m long. Most DIY places only had small lengths of 10 or 25m so would not have been suitable. 

With the cable I have left I am making an industrial cable assembly and adding RS Pro plug (724-9108) and RS Pro socket (724-9088) . This will also come in handy for my next caravan holiday!

Secondly, I required outdoor sockets so have chosen RS Pro (699-7095)   and a switch RS Pro (699-7076)

Lastly, I required security lighting so opted for RS Pro (791-8264)


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6 Jun 2018, 8:37


June 6, 2018 11:57

Thanks for using RS Pro products and taking the time to feedback on your project. I'm also building a cabin in the garden this summer and will be using the extensive range from RS Pro to get the job done. They are great quality and the range is massive.

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