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Our 10th Birthday Gift to You: DS Mechanical V5.0

DesignSpark’s birthday celebrations continue this week with the launch of DesignSpark Mechanical v5.0 – the latest upgrade to our fantastic, free 3D CAD software. Some of you may have already had a sneak peek while trialing the beta version; but for those that haven’t, now’s the time to upgrade.

Whether you are a completely new user or an existing user looking to upgrade to the latest version, you can now download DesignSpark Mechanical v5.0 by clicking here.

The new additions to the software include customisable shortcuts, custom rendering, flythrough display, equations, improved sketch, and mass properties.

New measurement and quality tools, enhanced shading, and custom rendering align with market trends and engineers' requirements, enriching DesignSpark Mechanical’s capability. After creating your design in DesignSpark Mechanical, you could be 3D printing your prototype later today!

Get full details on the new functionality V5.0 has to offer and find out what’s new in DSM v5.0.


Coming Soon!

We’ve also been working with Jude Pullen, Maker Jedi extraordinaire, on a special birthday project using DesignSpark Mechanical v5.0.

All will be fully revealed next Monday, but in the meantime, upgrade to the latest software version and get ready to join our global birthday project!

If you would like a sneak peek then you can follow Jude's project Vlog so far below:


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