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Osram IREDs deliver the means for smart device Biometric Identification

Osram’s infrared LEDs (IREDs) bring Biometric Identification to smart devices

Since our earliest days, we have interacted with and tried to control light for our benefit.

From the time we first learned to create and control flame, light has been used to extend our working day, keep us safe, and keep us warm. As we became more technically advanced, light has also become the means for us to communicate with each other, entertain us, identify us, and to keep us healthy.

We measure visible light in wavelengths with the unit measurement being in nanometers (nm). The light we humans can see with our eyes is called the visible spectrum, and this covers the range from around 380 nm to 740 nm.

The visible spectrum forms only a small part of the electromagnetic spectrum. From gamma rays at one extreme to radio waves at the other the electromagnetic spectrum ranges from < 10-12 m, to, > 1mm.

Utilising different areas from the spectrum we can do all sorts of things, from monitoring health to cooking food or listening to the radio.

Now with the help of infrared light, we can unlock our smart devices. Using our faces as a biometric key, we may never need to remember a password again.

Osram’s IREDs are delivering the means for biometric identification (from the Greek meaning, bio = life and metric = measure) within smart devices.

Biometric identification uses our own key characteristics to recognise us as individuals. Things that are unique to us can be used in biometric identification, this could be our fingerprints, the pattern of the iris, facial map or vein alignment.  (the width of the mouth, length of the nasal ridge and distance between the eyes)

Osram IREDs are used to illuminate the target area, this illumination is not visible to us as it falls outside of the visual spectrum. The IREDs produce a uniform light which provides a constant intensity over the target area. Improving greatly the ability to match your unique facial geometry to a stored reference source on your smart devices. Most of us are now familiar with facial recognition as a means for quick and efficient identification. Osram is taking infrared lighting to the next level, ensuring that only you can unlock your smart devices.

Please note: Prices displayed top right are pack prices, not unit price, these products are sold in pks of 2 

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11 Jun 2019, 10:00