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In May 2023, OSRAM sold its LED Drivers, Lighting Controls, LED Flex, and LED Modules business to Inventronics. The new Inventronics will represent a forward-looking global enterprise, that is dedicated to meeting sustainability needs worldwide, as well as continuing to support you. But the OSRAM DS products you have come to rely on continue to be available and branded OSRAM, including OSRAM DS;

  • LED Drivers / Electronic Control Gears for indoor & outdoor
  • Light Engines and Modules for general illumination
  • LED Flex and Signage products
  • Lighting Control components and systems for general illumination.

Osram part of Inventronics

To experts and people in the “know” there are various families and terminologies for product families from Inventronics. Understanding what these mean and what the fundamental differences between them are, will help make finding the correct product for you easy. The main product family names you will have seen from OSRAM DS are:

  • Optotronic
  • Icutronic
  • Element

Let us explore these further...


Optotronic products are high-performance focused solutions. They offer numerous functionalities, making them suitable for a wide variety of applications with varying requirements including, tuneable white, ultra flat low profile, small profile (FIT products) and wireless (casambi), Dexal (D4i), and DALI. Although these products are typically at the higher price point, their functionality compared to other product families is far superior.

Family focus: Innovation and outstanding performance.

Portfolio: Standard and dedicated.


Parameter Available options
Dimming DEXAL, DALI2,1-100%, PWM
Dats Inside DiiA
Interface NFC, LEDset2
Performance Wide operating widows
Lifetime 5-8 years
Functionality Touch Dim, CLO, EL

Check out the Optotronic OSRAM DS product range from Inventronics here.


The Icutronic product family offers a great middle-ground for customers. These standard products still have some key features that make them useful, but their versatility will be limited compared to the Optotronic product family. However, for customers who do not require all functionalities the Icutronic products can be ideal as the have a lower price point. Still designed to suit various applications, Icutronic LED drivers provide attractive performance and quality at a more cost-effective price range.

Family focus: Standard.

Portfolio: Standard.


Parameter Available options
Dimming DALI2,10-100%, PWM
Dats Inside N/A
Interface Resistor
Performance Standard operating widows
Lifetime 5 years
Functionality CLO, EL

Check out the Icutronic OSRAM DS product range from Inventronics here.


Element family products our most affordable range. Ideal for specific applications and excellent value for money. Element drivers are remarkably simple (on/off) products, and perfect for customers not requiring dimming functions and for whom cost is a critical consideration.

Family focus: Affordable.

Portfolio: Standard (limited choice).


Parameter Available options
Dimming N/A
Dats Inside N/A
Interface Dipswitch, Fixed
Performance Dedicated currents
Lifetime 3 years
Functionality N/A

Check out the Element OSRAM DS product range from Inventronics here.

Inventronics bought the OSRAM LED Driver business in 2023 and it is now a global leader in LED Power Controls selling to over 100 countries with 2500 employees.