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12 Aug 2019, 7:34

OSRAM Ambient Light Sensors for Smart Lighting Solutions

Osram Opto Semiconductors ambient light sensors (ALS) react to changing light conditions in line with the spectral sensitivity of the human eye. The SFH 5701 (ALS) has an encapsulated filter that blocks infrared wavelengths effectively but allows the green light within the colour spectrum to filter through. This green light is in the same spectral sensitivity as the human eye, between 440nm & 700nm, the visible range for us humans.

Smart street lighting will help to maintain safety to road users and pedestrians alike.

With this functionality, the SFH 5701 can be used for smart lighting applications, from street lighting control right through to consumer product applications such as backlighting within displays and panels.

SFH 5701 is available in packs of 20, RS (181-0469) and on reels of 3000, RS (181-0468)

Note: The prices top right reflect the pack pricing, not the unit price.

The benefits to street lighting applications are apparent, rather than employing lighting solutions based on timer control, the ALS will adapt to the changing conditions thus, ensuring lighting is only on the ON state when necessary. This allows for greater control and positively impacts energy efficiency by removing any unwanted usage during good light conditions.

With ever-changing weather conditions, street and road lighting need to be independent of traditional control elements, such as timers to be truly effective and maintain safe visibility. The SFH 5701 ALS will allow for lighting solutions to operate independently, solely based on their own environmental conditions, for example with earlier than usual nightfall occurring on an overcast day, or unexpected fog.

The SFH 5701 ALS is an active component, it doesn’t require an external power supply, instead, it takes power from the signal current and with two pins instead of three, it’s easy to connect and operate. It contains a linear integrated amplifier, which supplies a typical signal of 135 µA at 100 lux. This combined high dynamic range together with high sensitivity at low illuminance of 0.01 lux produce reliable light measurements across a wide range of ambient light conditions.   

Temperature fluctuations can have an impact on component sensitivity, this commonly leads to unwanted false operation. SFH 5701 has integrated thermal compensation employed to counter temperature fluctuations, thereby eliminating any false triggering – an important feature for outdoor lighting applications.

A small footprint of just 1.25 mm x 2.0 mm x 0.8 mm means this surface-mountable component is extremely compact and unobtrusive, making it ideal for a whole host of consumer and commercial applications, such as Smart TV’s and speakers, mobile devices, home automation, industrial displays and backlighting.

SFH 5701 A01 version brings all the advantages of the Ambient Light Sensor SFH 5701 as stated above but are certified in line with the guidelines of AEC-Q102, and suitable or use in automotive applications.

With its compact size, the SFH 5701 A01 is easily installed without ever being overbearing, in fact, it’s hardly noticeable and is ideal for installing behind semi-transparent covers. With the analogue output current being proportional to Ambient Light Intensity, the automotive applications of SFH 5701 A01 can include automatic illumination of the dashboard, automated internal lighting and automatic headlight switching in low light levels.

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12 Aug 2019, 7:34


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