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Operating test stands with a Siemens Panel PC



PC station for test stands

A finished product must pass a variety of tests before it is delivered. This is an important part of quality assurance. Products are put on test stands configured for testing purposes; these test stands consist of various components that must interact with each other. An operating system is required for communication with the individual subcomponents of such a test stand. The SIMATIC IPC377E is an excellent choice for such a test. 

Efficient, simple and time-saving

Your benefits when you use this application example. 

Bild_17_c5f8aa6232f901b3de1dbcd94224093c77516475.pngRugged and compact design

Specially developed for the industrial environment: Easy installation at low height

bild_27_c4a5e9f9afb05b91825ac6d2e85873dbdf2434d5.pngFlexible connection options

Thanks to a variety of current and legacy interfaces

Bild_37_e7f292f2e48ee2f29bb24064de5ed52ea9afcbc6.pngCurrent hardware and software

Windows 10 pre-installed on fast SSD. Best connectivity thanks to integrated WLAN. In stock for immediate delivery.

Possible uses

Thanks to its modularity and flexible expandability, you can use the application example for a wide variety of tasks.

Some examples for the possible uses:

  • Final testing of electrical devices
  • Testing of non-electrical products
  • Testing of incoming electrical subcomponents
  • Long-term and load tests 

How does it work?

By using the correct add-on modules, you can set up a complete, industrial-grade test stand with the help of the IPC377E. The products to be tested are identified by a 2D barcode scanner. The test scenario is forwarded to the I/O board and further to the test object or test devices via software installed on the IPC. The test results are returned to the IPC and from there stored in a database with all relevant data. A printer can issue a test seal after testing has been completed successfully.



Required components

You need the following components to implement the application example. 

Article Number Article number Note
IPC377E 1 6AV7230-0CA20-2CA0  
Other as required     Application-specific
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